Ten Things Every Freshman Parent Should Know

  1. What do I need to bring to the office for residency verification?

    Check the school website for this information at http://campolindo.acalanes.k12.ca.us.

  2. What is "Cougar Day"?

    Cougar Day is Thursday, August 19th (freshman 9:30am-12:30pm). This is the time for you to register your student for ASB cards, photos, sports, welcome back dance tickets, yearbook etc. It is also the time for you to join Parents Club.

  3. What is the Campolindo Parents’ Club web site?

    www.campoparents.com This website has all the information to keep you connected to your students and Campolindo all year and through email you can receive correspondence and important announcements through the year. To join these different email announcements, including Campolindo Daily bulletin, Cougartracks and the Class of 2014 click here.

  4. What is "The Daily Bulletin"?

    The Daily Bulletin is an electronic announcement service sent every afternoon to your e mail address. It will let you know what is going on at school, sporting events, test dates etc. This is read each morning to the students during 3rd period.

  5. What is the attendance number?


  6. When is the Library Open?

    Our Librarian is Patricia Hadley, and the Library is open at 7:30 am every morning and closes at 4pm every afternoon.

  7. Who is Carol Kitchens?

    Mrs. Kitchens is the Principal of Campolindo High School

  8. Who is my child’s guidance counselor?

    Jeanne Ballard (A-Flowers) 
    Jake Donahoe (Flynn-Lim)
    Judy Wahlander (Lin-Rosenbaum) (Head Counselor)
    Jenna Wrobel (Ross-Z)

  9. Who are Parent Advisors?

    The advisors work with the class officers in planning events for each class. View the list of advisors here.

  10. How many Associate Principals are at Campo?

    Paul Mack (A - L) 
    Scott Biezad (M-Z)

    But don't stop here. . . .

  11. Who sells Spirit Wear?

    Each class except Freshmen, sells some type of Spirit Wear. You can purchase it at Cougar Days.

  12. Where are the main offices?

    The main offices are straight up from the Quad. Take the stairs right up from the cafeteria.

  13. How many sports teams are at Campo?

    At least 20: Football, Cross Country, Men’s & Women’s Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Basketball, Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Track and Field, Baseball, and Softball. We also have excellent music and art programs as well as academic clubs.

  14. How many clubs are at Campo?

    There are many clubs, some change from year to year.

  15. Can you choose your student’s teachers?


  16. What is the "Peer Tutoring Center"?

    The Peer Tutoring Center provides FREE tutoring during 7th period and after school every afternoon except Friday.

  17. If your student is struggling who do you go to for help?

    Call your student’s counselor for direction after they (the student) have spoken to the teacher. Have your student go to the Peer Tutoring Center. See our classified ads for tutors.

  18. Why is it important to get to school early the first day?

    Because each student is given their final schedule that morning. These are handed out between 7:30 am and 8:00am in the Quad.

  19. Who is "Hammer"?

    Mr. Graves —he handles detention and unexcused absences.