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Red Ribbon Week

posted Oct 20, 2010, 8:18 AM by Chris Banard   [ updated Oct 26, 2010, 9:31 AM ]

This week we will be hosting activities for the students for Red Ribbon Week. The 2010 Red Ribbon Week theme is: Be Aware. Don't Share. Lock Your Meds. 

70% of children who abuse prescription drugs get them from family and friends: pain pills for post gum surgery; sleeping pills from an overseas airplane trip; cough medicine from last season's flu. The time to act is now. To help prevent children's prescription drug use, please take the following preventative steps: 

·Remove drugs from your medicine cabinet and hide them, lock them up or take them out of your house. 

·Safeguard all medicines that have to remain in your home by monitoring quantities and controlling access. 

·Take inventory by writing down the names and amounts of medications you currently have and regularly check to see if anything is missing. 

·If your child is on prescribed medication, monitor the dosages and refills. Set clear rules, such as not sharing and always following proper dosages. 

·Warn your youngsters that taking prescription or OTC drugs without a doctor's supervision can be just as dangerous and potentially lethal as taking street drugs. 

·Supervise your child's Internet use: many pharmacy sites are not regulated and will sell your child medications without prescriptions. 

·Properly dispose of old, expired or unused medicines. The Moraga Police Department offers a receptacle for expired or unwanted prescription drugs. The disposal bin is located in the lobby of the Police Department and is available Monday through Friday between 9am-5pm. As a last resort, you may put them in the trash by mixing them in a little water with an undesirable substance, such as cat litter or coffee grounds, before throwing them away in an empty can or bag. DO NOT flush medications down the drain or toilet.