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Class of 2023 Advisors

What is a Class Advisor? Who are the Class of 2023 Advisors?

Class advisors are parent volunteers who serve as liaisons and coordinators for Class of 2023 activities
and fundraising events.  We, along with the support and participation of all Sophomore parents, help to
plan events such as Homecoming, and raise money to offset the costs of Junior Prom, Senior Ball and
Grad Night.  We will also keep you updated on many school activities.

Natasha & Raj Batra -- Natasha.j.batra@gmail.com
Laura & Glen Ceridono -- laurawceridono@yahoo.com
Allison & Paul Curletto -- Allison_dent@yahoo.com
Carrie & Dave Haraburda -- sfcarrie@comcast.net
Kitty & Tim Stephens -- krohaka@yahoo.com
Sally & Scott Whipple -- ssswhipple@gmail.com

Where Do the Funds Go? 

Money earned from our fundraising efforts support social activities for our class throughout all four years, with the largest portion of the funds being used toward reducing the costs of Senior Ball (which we have already begun working on!) Funds raised will also go toward most of our Senior year activities including Senior Breakfast, Senior BBQ, Senior/Faculty Softball BBQ, Senior Parent Night, Flowers for every senior for Baccalaureate (Senior Reflection), Senior Ball (venue, caterer, decorations, band and transportation), as well as Senior Awards.

Your generous support is greatly needed and appreciated! 

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